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Fiberglass vs Vinyl

At Nowak Fiberglass Pools our goal is to provide a quality fiberglass pool at a liner pool price. In Southwestern Pennsylvania, primarily all the pools are either liner pools or fiberglass. The advantages of a fiberglass pool over a liner pool are vast. Fiberglass pools are structurally sound, are durable with an impermeable finish that repels the growth of algae and bacteria. Fiberglass pools also act as a natural insulator. When you choose a liner pool, you are in for a lifetime of liner replacements, endless energy bills, and chemical usages. Lets face the facts, when you have a liner pool, you are swimming in a bag in the ground. We encourage anyone to research the pros and cons of a liner pool. Pretty much all of the pool builders out there began doing liner pools but are now offering a fiberglass line. These pool builders see the “writing on the wall” and know that liner pools are being phased out and fiberglass is taking over. The large fiberglass pool manufactures cannot keep up with the demand as it is tripling each year. The pool buiders that have not switched to fiberglass pools will try and tell their customers that fiberglass pools are not suitable to our area, which is simply not true. The only advantage of a liner pool is that it can be designed in any shape or size.